How To Have Success with Blogging.-A simple Way

Hey Friend, Hey!

When I first started this Blog,  I had no Idea that Blogging as a hobby, would turn into a full-time income. I originally started my Blog as a way to Vent and to clear my mind. When this blog first started, before anyone knew about it, I started out of fear, confusion, disgust, sadness and anger. I needed a way to express myself, so I started to write. Some of my unpublished post are sad and dark, but throughout my blogging journey they’ve became bright, humorous and delightful.They have become MEI was becoming me again, so I decided to hit the PUBLISH button and I am very glad I did. I am happy with the work I have put into my blog and the fact, that I can now call my blog a full-time job with a full-time income.

Here are my tips to making Any blog A full-time career.

 Be Authentic

Being true to yourself makes you a better writer and more relatable to your readers. Not everyone will like what you post, but I’m here to tell you someone will read and want to continue to read your content. The majority of your readers will be complete strangers and Trust me, It is OKAY! Also, trust your creativity! 

 Research Your Readers.

Dedicate a lot of time in researching how blogs work, how they can make money, how to attract readers, then tackle the list. I, personally  was so determined to figure out how to publish and market my blog for FREE. I knew a little about blogging but I needed to dig deeper, to figure out how to make my blog a business and how I could make an income from my blog. A Blog can be very fulfilling and is a great source of income, but I will tell you it’s more than just writing and posting on social media. It’s work and dedication.

 Engage with your readers.

Get involved with your current readers. Engage with them on social media, RePin post, give props, authentically cheer them on.  I have had great success with Pinterest For growing my blog readers. I personally like that Pinterest helps you grow, and it is not ALL about the number of followers you have. But more so your engagement with the people that like and RePIN your post. Do not get me wrong IG, Twitter and TikTok are great platforms for growing your blog, I personally enjoy the success with Pinterest.

 Ask your readers what they want. 

By being on multiple social media platforms, will want to know which posting preference your readers enjoy more. This  also helps with monetizing your blog. A lot of brands look at this when you work with them. It doesn’t matter how big your following is, but at least have a presence. I started monetizing my blog with a very small following (mainly because my pages have been private-Read my Year of blogging post). But, with that being said I have also worked with great brands with some great opportunities that came my way.

 Do NOT worry what others say or think. Let them be your motivation.

Read that again! It is so easy to compare yourself to others. But, Their middle is not your beginning. We ALL have to start somewhere. Motivate yourself, to enjoy YOUR process, let that be your story. Your story is what makes you unique and makes you stand out. I was told that I could never have success with my blog, because I did not post on Instagram. Just because IG, is someone else’s preferred traffic driver, However it is NOT mine. Stay Authentic to yourself and the success will come banging at your door.

 Schedule and Plan.

Its so easy to quit and not write for days, with the crazy schedule that you have going on. But,I promise once a schedule is in place and you make it consistent you will want to write. When you go into writing with a clear head space, you perform better. I was guilty of blogging burn-out, so I cute back to only publishing two days a week. This give me a more time to plan out what I want to write and schedule out my days. I can schedule up to a month on content, that I wrote in two days or publish more whenever I see fit, but making sure I publish at least two a week. DO whatever make you fell comfortable.!

Have Fun!!

I hope this helped…

Hey Friend! I like to tell this side of my story, because I know that my chaos and fear resinate with other mommas, women and people out here, just trying to make it throughout the day. But, I am here to tell you, if you believe that you’re not just the the spark, but the whole D*mn Firecracker, you can do anything you set out to do.  Our biggest fear is the unknown, but what if the the unknown is our biggest blessing?!?!

Your Favorite Editor Of Chaos,


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