Happy One Year: The EDIT Chaos!

Hello Editors! Happy Valentines Day or Galentines Day, call it what you want! Just make sure to love yourself and treat yourself to a TIMEOUT. I’m super excited to say that today marks one year that I (officially) started this blog. Although, the thought of blogging entered my mind years ago, I however did not believe in myself years ago. I, remember sitting on the floor in my bathroom crying, while feeding baby to write my VERY FIRST blog post. I felt defeated and exhausted with everything that was going on in the world and my life.

I was very happy with how far I had come, but unsure with my emotions of gratitude. I remember thinking to myself, I can do this, I can write a blog. I wanted so badly to write and to express my feelings, to share my cries, my knowledge, to have someone to (talk) with. I had this feeling of emptiness, but also a feeling of grate-fullness. It’s hard to explain. BUT, throughout the feelings I decided to write. Although, I do not have A lot of published posts, I DO have a lot of journaling. Some I will share, eventually and some that is just for me. Those that are just for me, I wrote  in the mist of ALL my emotions. Writing the sh*t out was my form of self care. It was my TIMEOUT. Time, to think, to cry, to laugh, be grateful, find peace, but most of all, find Myself! 

For everyone that has encouraged, shared, read and just listened, I want to say THANK YOU!  

The Best Investment one can make, is Investing in themselves!

Please, continue to follow me, as I edit my way through Mommahood, Style, Entrepreneurship, Sustainable efforts,DIYs, Momma Timeouts and all of my wonderful chaos. Grab a tea or wine and stay awhile!!

Your Favorite Editor Of Chaos,


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