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The Best Books For A Wealthy And Positive Lifestyle

A Great Mindset, To A Positive Lifestyle.

A Positive Lifestyle is Investing in yourself.

It means investing in a better you, a smarter you, a wiser you. Investing in your positive lifestyle, is also a form of self-care. It is taking the time, money, wisdom and resources to elevate your current life situation. To create a positive Lifestyle that will help you Thrive, into the best version of you.

A main way I was able to invest in my self was , READING.

I dedicated time to help my growth and to learn how I could be better in my life situations. I Started reading books that pushed me put of my comfort zone and forced my mind to reprogram, to influence my subconscious thoughts.

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Here is a list of books that I read to Invest in myself and completely turn my thought process around and to help me run a successful business, blog and just a better ME to A Positive Lifestyle.

1.Rich Dad Poor Dad

By Robert T Kiyosaki

A Book that teaches a valuable lesson. Check this out, the Lower and (somewhat) middle class work for their money, while the upper middle and upper class have their money work for them. BAM, if that doesn’t make you rethink somethings, then what will.

2.You Are A BadAss

By Jen Sincero

This book provides great exercise, tell amazing stories to help you identify your self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors, to get what you deserve in life.

3. You are a BadAss at making money

By Jen Sincero

This book focuses on money mindset and wealth creation. Pushing you pass your fears to create the bank account you want and deserve.

4. Rich as F*ck 

By Amanda Frances

If you want a laugh, this is it. Amanda talks about how to Manifest the money you want and how to make your money work for you. This books talks about how to use your money everyday and once you look at your money differently, you will have a positive outlook on how to keep your money to fit your lifestyle.

5. The Greatest Secret

By Rhonda Byrne

This book is teaches fundamental concepts of Law Of Attraction and Manifestation. It teaches you that you become what you think and you attract what you think most.

6. The 4-hour work Week

By Timothy Ferriss

This books talks about how we work our lives away to earn money only to enjoy it after retirement, is NOT living.

Books are what I used to help me grow my mindset with money and life. These books may not be your reading choice, but what is your choice, is to Evaluate yourself, to live and to have a life that thrives and that you deserve. A Positive Lifestyle to Help You Thrive!

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