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Thriving From The Art Of Side Hustles, Passive Income And Momma Timeouts

Be the Firecracker, not just the spark!

One of the biggest things that we neglect, is betting on ourselves and saying NO . We, strive to be the BEST mom, wife, friend, lady that we think makes us perfect and accepted. That society, trauma, generational curses, has deemed us to mold into. As a mom, to a little girl that has a stern concept of NO. I often wonder if she will always be this bold girl (eventually woman), who stands in her NO proudly. As I watch her fight for her NO, with her siblings, its also very clear that she understands her boundaries with the meaning. She clearly understands that NO is power, and power is respect. This little girl is betting on herself to create the atmosphere( life) that she desires and deserves, on her terms.

Now, as I watch this little girl bicker with her siblings, I’m amazed! She holds, persistence, determination, and standards for herself. That she truly believes in her power and getting what she want and needs. Along the way, as adults we loose our power in the word NO. We cave to YES, to please, and to earn the respect we think we desire. But TODAY let’s change! Let’s, put our big pants on, our sparkly boots and imaginary tiara. Let us all cave into saying No. Let’s say No, for that once little girl who would be so proud of you today, for growing and acknowledging! That little girl who, no matter what believes in her power.

Girl, you got this!

As we do our daily tasks, and take care of our little people and love ones. We must also remember that saying NO to those extra play dates, events, home cooked meals, extra work assignments; is okay. It’s not selfish, it’s self care and respect. Your kids will not hate you, your friends will not neglect you, your important family will be there, and work will still be there. Everyone’s belly is full from that frozen pasta, you stuck into the oven. No; gave you power and respect. Because the best ROI (return on investment) is betting on yourself.

From your Favorite Editor of Chaos