Title Your Crown!


You should be very diverse in refereeing all age groups. W.T.H. is something that you will often express silently, but definitely, not out loud. You will display epic patience with all age groups and awareness of self. You will be a gentle voice to all ages, while being screamed at. Mainly for doing what was asked. You should exhibit strong leadership skills with a forgiving mind. Because every soul is innocent with feelings that are hard to express. The ideal candidate is enjoyable to be around and is always motivated to meet the needs and expectations of their client. The ideal candidate will except nothing less for their client and to be there for them in the most trying times.


  • Modeling the way by delivering a positive and supportive attitude while breaking up around 10 little fights.
  • Act as a positive role model to the chaos tribe, by contributing to the overall vibe.
  • Inspire, motivate, and encourage during developmental meltdowns.
  • Possesses excellent communication skills during ALL cry competitions.
  • Demonstrate proficiency and knowledge in tantrum control
  • An active role in understanding and adhering to new emotions
  • Assist and coordinate all imaginative projects
  • Exhibit awareness when help is needed and comply.


  • MUST BE a serial detective based on unrealistic data, provided by those of questionable knowledge.
  • SHOULD BE able to Solve problems that did not exist, that will be mind blowing and you MUST show excitement.

Your Favorite Editor of Chaos,