How To Normalize A Not-So Pinning House.

Let’s face it, having a house that is always PIN worthy is exhausting. Pick up the things, put the things away, clean the things, REPEAT, REPEAT! It’s like, you need 20 arms to do it all and still you will need to use your feet. I cleaned my house the other day, from top to bottom. I even wiped down all the walls. AND guess what, it lasted for a total of two hours! One child found the markers, another child came into the house with cleats on, another decided they were a big kid and took the liberty to change their own, Pull-ups, and got (brown pudding 😶) everywhere. At that moment, of everything happening ALL at once, I stopped and laughed. Not, sure if I initially laughed because it was funny or to stop myself from crying, any who; I laughed.

I laughed hard and loud, that everyone stopped and looked at me, like I was loosing it. I was now, the intruder in the house. My oldest asked if I was okay, and started sweeping up his mud chips, the other two started helping each other clean up their messes. All while still making a bigger mess. But, they were getting it done together. , A lot of little steps are better than one big step.” As my oldest finishes his task, he joins in on the fun of cleaning up the stinky mess. But, not before he wanted to make me the center of his joke. Because I just cleaned the house. At the very moment, I looked at him and also started laughing, because lets be real, the sh*t was funny. As a momma, this was a proud moment. Proud because we noticed each other in a time of need and because even though it was a messy clean up, we All did it together.

The Point of this post is to say, let’s All normalize not having a perfect PIN ready house at all times. Lets enjoy these moments that we share between our walls with our little people, and love ones. Because at the end of the day “Don’t cry because its over, smile because it happened”-Dr. Suess

Your favorite Editor of Chaos,