Spring Vibes Only!

Warmers days, oh how I miss you. Please hurry and come our way! It’s hard being stuck in the house all day without getting outside for some masked fresh air and sunshine. These cold, icy, snow and grey days has really messed with “I’m a great MOMMA” to “MOMMA needs a time out”.

I’ve ALWAYS wanted to be a WFHM! I wanted to run the business, the house, decorate, bake, have the kids in perfect coordinating outfits and play(momma)dates. I wanted to be able to put my child into swimming lessons on a Wednesday, at noon. Be the first momma in the pick up line, while in my perfect mom lounge outfit that only took me “5 minutes” to throw together. Humhmm, Editors please! I’m lucky if somedays I get to put on Chapstick (joke, between Shaun and I). If the kids even have on matching socks and if we can make it to soccer practice by 4pm, on time. Please, don’t get me wrong I LOVE being a momma, but being on momma duty all day, with out a break is CHAOTIC!  It’s like I go to sleep being bossed around and wake up with the same job responsibilities.

So, let’s EDIT our way into Spring Vibes, outdoor play and constant sunshine! EDITORS, Now that I’m done with my Timeout, let’s go put CocoMelon into Timeout!

From your Favorite Editor of Chaos,