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Why You Should Make Self Care A Priority

Self care is taking your power back!

Its rewarding yourself for all the amazing things you do, day in to day out! It’s being selfish, it’s saying No, It’s not showing up for anyone, but yourself first! Momma, you deserve time to fill your cup, so that it can pour into others!

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As Moms, as Women

we spend so much time making sure everyone in our home and around us, is taken care of. We tend forget about ourselves and our needs. D*mn, we forget about our wants. But I’m here to tell you, its okay to indulge in a little self care and to gain your power back, even if its just for an hour.

To practice self care, we do not have spend $money$ on something fancy, it can be as simple as taking a bath, having two glasses of wine, reading a book alone or taking a class, as long as it’s something for you to recharge. Here’s some of my favorite things I like to do, to practice self care.

As you can see my list is very vague, but those simple things make me happy and allows me to get my power back. It allows this Momma, to recharge, show up and show out as my best self! To all the Mommas and women out there feeling bad for wanting to get your power back, you got this and you deserve to show up for your future SELF.

Your Favorite Editor of Chaos,