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Self-Care is Not Selfish…This MOMMA Is In Timeout

Why You Should Schedule Self Care Everyday

Listen, Self-care is not selfish!…Do you ever have those days that you want to put yourself into timeout? Like, take a moment in a corner or closet, whichever you prefer. Just, to chill the F*ck out, away from your children? Well that’s me at least once a week! AND guess what? I don’t feel bad for thinking this way. YES, I love my children and would do anything for them and to protect them. But, one day out of the week I just need 10mins in a corner alone, . Don’t call my name unless the house is on fire(really this happened ), you’re bleeding, someone is choking, or someone is about to break into the house, OR your sibling is running throughout the neighborhood in a full diaper streaking everyone with their butt crack. If none of this happening don’t call or should I say yell my adopted name “MOMMA”

To all the mommas out there, let’s all take a moment and place ourselves in a timeout. Because this type of timeout, is a form of “self care”!

Your Favorite Editor of chaos,


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