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How To Create A Daily Schedule For Structure.

How To Create A Daily Schedule For Structure And Fewer Corner Cries.

As many of you know, working from home with littles is really stressful. Like, crawling into a corner and cry stressful. But wait, you are a bad a** mom, who keeps little people alive! That fact alone, gives you all the permission to crawl into any d*mn corner you want and cry. Besides, my occasional meltdowns, “I” or should I say “WE” thrive best with a schedule.I don’t beat myself up for not solely sticking to it. …But, I am admittedly saying that I love the structure it gives the kids and the fewer corner cries for me. Take a look, at our Daily schedule in the Jenkins household

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Now, that you see our schedule, you can see there’s nothing really special about it. But, it works for us! Those simple planned out hours, keeps everyone functioning and together in our chaotic house. The kids love it and I love the fact that I have some type of normalcy throughout the day. So momma, who cares if it’s a couple of bullet points that you knockout or a well planned hour by hour schedule. Just remember, your are doing the d*mn thing and your little people are happy! And if you must go to a corner and cry it out, well d*mn you deserve it! Self care comes in many forms, including releasing tears to decompress and saying “I Got This!”. So now that we covered that, let’s go grab a tea and raise our mugs to Bad A*** Mommas, Everywhere!

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